A coed Quaker school for grades K through 8

Our Quaker School Mission and Philosophy

Our Mission

Buckingham Friends School inspires a lifelong love of learning, nurtures a respect for the Light in every person, and fosters a sense of spiritual community. 

Our Philosophy

I felt that BFS struck the perfect balance between character-development and appropriately challenging academic preparation.  Life skills – she could get the ABCs and 123s anywhere, but the Quaker value system and attention to emotional intelligence and life skills was key for us.

Buckingham Friends School is committed to being a small school which is dedicated to the academic preparation of our students, promotes opportunities for family involvement and fosters a sense of spiritual community. An essential part of Friends’ (Quaker) belief is that there is that of God in everyone. As a Quaker school, we uphold this belief through opportunities for worship, and by developing a foundation of simplicity, non-violence, integrity, mutual respect and trust. By having faith in our students and by guiding them, we believe that as they grow they can develop an inner discipline that can sustain them personally, and in academic and social settings.

Academic preparation and intellectual development are central to the purposes of the School. Children are encouraged to develop high educational goals and to participate in a variety of activities that promote poise and self-worth. Each student is helped to take day-to-day responsibility for work and to use the mind clearly, accurately and carefully. Children are given opportunities to make choices and to see the joy and satisfaction that can be found in work and in serving others. Students are encouraged to develop creative qualities and a lifelong love of learning that can enable them to go on to further achievement.

We feel that learning and growth can best take place in a loving atmosphere of firmness without rigidity. The learning process must integrate the spiritual, intellectual, physical, cultural and social development of each person. The School strives to create a nurturing environment in which young people look forward to being together, and in which accomplishment becomes a shared celebration. We believe in having children develop a realistic approach to life where responsibilities must be assumed, failures accepted and tragedies lived through, without losing sight of an inspiring idealism. Within this context, they learn to respect both each other and the diversity of society. Buckingham Friends School endeavors to teach lasting values by which the students can contribute positively to their local and world communities.

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