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Tuition & Financial Assistance

Investing in Your Child’s Future

We’re glad that you‘re seeking an independent school education because it means that you recognize the tremendous value that Buckingham Friends School can bring to your child’s academic, intellectual, and personal development. 

Independent schools are non-profit business institutions. As with any business, we are subject to the increasing price of services and the advance of inflation. The majority of our revenue comes from your tuition dollars, but the actual cost of providing education to your child far exceeds your tuition. Additional funds come from the generosity of alumni, current and alumni parents, friends of the school, fundraising, and corporate donations.

Buckingham Friends School Tuition   

  • Tuition for the 2020-2021 school year is $21,680
  • The 6th, 7th, and 8th-grade Technology Fee for 2020-2021 is $750 

Need-based Financial Assistance

BFS proudly designates 15% of its annual operating budget to support families who demonstrate a need for financial assistance. In accordance with policy and practice at other independent schools, we assume that each family comes to the school with an understanding and willingness to pay the cost of tuition, or to contribute the majority of their child’s tuition. Financial assistance is intended to provide a supplement when the gap between tuition and a family’s capacity to afford tuition makes it necessary for them to seek help from outside sources to fill that gap. 

As a Quaker school, we also utilize our Financial Assistance reserves to provide an opportunity for families of under-represented populations to join our community, bringing a richness of cultural variety and a breadth of representation to our campus.  

How Financial Need is Calculated

Buckingham Friends School uses the nationally recognized firm School and Student Service (SSS) to calculate financial need. The calculation considers gross taxable and non-taxable income, assets, liabilities, family size, and the number of children in tuition-charging schools. It also makes an allowance for basic necessities and required taxes. After calculation, a percentage of the remaining funds are considered available for education. More information about this calculation can be found by clicking this link: https://www.solutionsbysss.com/.

The SSS School Code for Buckingham Friends School is #1936.

BFS receives a suggested aid recommendation from SSS, however, the school may adjust the amount up or down depending upon other considerations, such as private information provided by you, the limitations of our funds, and the cost of living for your area, among other factors. We also expect that a family has first explored other avenues for tuition revenue before applying for aid, which may include contributions from grandparents or other relatives, investment funds or interest, revenue from a recreational vehicle or second home, or the sacrifice of extended vacation time.  

Because financial circumstances can change, families must apply for aid annually.

Applying for Financial Assistance

If you feel that assistance will be necessary for your child to attend BFS, please click here to go to SSS Online, and follow instructions for completing an application and submitting documentation. Our School Code is #1936. SSS provides wonderful technical and informational support as you complete your application. Please contact them at 800-344-8328, or https://www.solutionsbysss.com/.

If we can assist your process in any way, please feel free to contact us:

Melissa Clayton, Director of Admissions and Financial Aid; mclayton@bfs.org

Payment Plans

Buckingham Friends School offers three payment plans to provide flexibility in paying for your child’s education. 

  1. Single Payment Plan. The entire balance of tuition (after the enrollment deposit has been credited) is due by August 15th for the school year beginning in September.
  2. Two Payment Plan. One-half the balance of tuition (after the enrollment deposit has been credited) is due by August 15th, and the remainder is due by the following January 15th.
  3. Installment Plan. The payment of tuition is made in ten equal monthly installments beginning in July for the school year beginning in September, with payments ending in April. All tuition accounts must be Paid-in-Full by April. This plan requires a direct debit from your bank account utilizing Higher Education Services (HES). Please note that HES charges $100 for this service. To set up your direct debit, please call HES at 1-800-422-0010.


BFS does not offer loans to pay for tuition. If you feel that a loan is suitable for your financial circumstances, please contact a lending institution.

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