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Applying for Financial Support

Financial Aid Application Instructions

February 16, 2019 is the due date to be included in the first consideration for Financial Aid. However, you can still apply for aid at any time after this date. 
Please see the notes below for applicants applying between March 2nd and August to understand the timetable for admissions and financial aid decisions. 
We opertate with a rolling admissions process so applications for admission can be submitted at any time, and will be considered as space is available in the grade level of the applicant.

To Apply for Financial Aid:

1. Visit the SSS site by clicking the green button on the right or visiting http://sssbynais.org.

2. Upload to the SSS site a signed copy of your 2017 Federal Income Tax Return, including all schedules and copies of your W-2 forms.

3. Complete the PFS form. The SSS School Code for Buckingham Friends School is #1936. You may estimate your 2018 taxes until you have filed your taxes and actual 2018 data is available. You will be able to go back into SSS to update the estimated information with actual data, and your award will be reconsidered if the information is different. Please be sure to answer all questions and supply explanations where requested, as missing answers or explanations will delay your application.

Financial Statement for Parents who are Separated, Divorced or Never Married

Please note that an award cannot be made without information from both natural parents as well as step-parents.

Complete this form if the Parents’ Financial Statement does not include information for both natural parents and step-parents. The application cannot be considered complete until all parties have submitted their information (information is NOT shared with the other parent) as all potential sources of tuition support must be considered. 


If you have unusual or extenuating circumstances for which you would like to provide clarification, please call to schedule an appointment with our Business Manager, Chip Muir, at 215-794-7496.


Please contact SSS at 800-344-8328 or http://sssbynais.org if you have any questions about the online application process.



Families who apply to BFS during the months of March through August should expect their enrollment process to proceed on the following timeline*:

  • After the Admissions process has concluded, you will receive from BFS a dated acceptance letter and two copies of the enrollment contract.
  • Both parents must sign one copy of the contract and return it to the BFS Admissions Office within 2 weeks with a non-refundable $1000 Enrollment Deposit ($1100 if you choose the 10-month payment plan provided by HES) to hold your child’s place in the class.
  • Complete the Financial Assistance online application (if you are applying for aid), and submit all supporting documentation within 2 weeks of the date on which you signed your contract.
  • Receive from BFS the Financial Assistance Award notification within 2 weeks of the date of completion of the application.
  • Contact the BFS Admissions Office to notify the school of your enrollment decision within 2 weeks of the notification date of the Financial Assistance award. The $1000 Enrollment Deposit is refundable only to families who applied for Family Financial Assistance but find it inadequate to allow them to afford tuition and therefore cannot enroll their child at BFS. 

*Please note that as we approach the beginning of the school year, time frames may be shortened to 1-week intervals to complete this process prior to the beginning of classes.

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