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International Programs offered at Buckingham Friends School

Global Commitment

Buckingham Friends School is committed to preparing our students to be successful in today’s global environment, equipping them with 21st century skills and providing them with opportunities to develop cultural competencies. Through our language and international programs we offer rare opportunities for lower and middle school age children to spend time with peers from other countries and cultures, an experience that is often not available until high school or college. By extending our reach across international borders we build community, foster environmental sustainability, and develop an understanding of political, geographic, and social issues affecting people all over the world.

We embrace the Quaker philosophy and deep community commitment.  Exceptional focus on collaboration and creativity. JEM program is relevant for the global perspectives our children need especially today.

We believe that these programs help children to:

  • grow to understand the interconnectedness and interdependence of all life,
  • understand that environmental harms to one nation eventually affect all nations,
  • understand that the environmental benefits to one nation eventually are shared by all nations,
  • realize that working with people from other cultures takes patience, understanding, and a tolerance for different points of view,
  • realize that children from other cultures share many similar hopes and fears about the Earth.

We prepare students for entry into the global community through the Joint Environmental Mission (JEM). Since 1991, we have established relationships with permanent partner schools in Russia, India, China, Australia, Ecuador, Hawaii, Kenya and France.

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