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Early Childhood Foreign Language education | French

The French program is designed to: help students build linguistic proficiency and strive for accuracy in communication; encourage students to think critically and take risks while expressing themselves in French by using all the elements of language at their disposal; integrate culture and language in a way that stimulates curiosity and deepens their understanding of other cultures; and enhance appreciation of the cultures of the diverse Francophone world. This course integrates the four language skills – listening, speaking, reading, and writing – to prepare students to accomplish real communicative tasks in French. It uses a variety of materials, particularly media and technology, to support different learning styles. The pen pal correspondence and the exchange program with Collège Saint Martial in Montmorillon, France extend the classroom experience allowing students to develop relationship with French students and providing opportunities to use the language and explore the culture.

Every three years, students and teachers travel to Collège Saint Martial in France, a small, private school, similar to Buckingham Friends. During alternating years, visitors come from the school to BFS. This exchange program is a great asset to the language program. The goals of this exchange program are to establish an international relationship and to provide the students with a French language experience. Participants improve their conversational French, understanding of the French culture, general world awareness, and create long lasting memories.

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