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A coed Quaker school for grades K through 8
Campus Life

First Grade at Buckingham Friends School

First grade is a time to welcome new friends into the class and welcome new Kindergarten children into the Lower School. Friendship is an important part of the day as children experience the give and take of relationships while practicing conflict resolution skills in the classroom and on the playground. A daily schedule provides structure and routine, while community rules and responsibilities are reinforced through discussion and play. Emphasis is placed on becoming part of a larger group as first grade children learn about personal interests and develop skills. Listening to classmates and teachers, following directions, and responding to others in positive, supportive ways are emphasized throughout the year. First grade children partner with 7th grade “Big Friends” for community building activities and friendship.

By nature, first grade children grow academically at different paces and at different developmental levels. Children are given small group instruction for language arts and math, and often work one-to-one to develop skills. The academic program includes the study of language arts, math, social studies, science, art, music, foreign language, physical education and shop. Subjects are integrated throughout the program with an emphasis on hands-on problem solving and critical thinking skills. First grade children perform twice a year on stage, during the Holiday Program and their class play. First grade children are challenged to solve problems, express opinions, reach beyond and reflect to develop intellectual, moral, emotional and spiritual growth.

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