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Class Plays

Third Grade

Third grade is the entry point to our Middle School program. It is an exciting and growth-filled year. Third grade children take on new responsibilities and respond to the call for greater independence. Opportunities to serve on committees, use new technology tools, and delve into topics of interest, foster enthusiasm for problem solving and critical thinking skills. Third grade children serve as “Big Friends” to children in a local feeder school by exchanging letters and having organized play dates. Children often engage in interdisciplinary studies that culminate in an alternative assessment such as a project or presentation. Third grade frequently leads the school in a fundraising effort that emerges from interdisciplinary studies within the classroom. Energy, motivation and discovery are characteristics that emerge as third graders develop as independent readers, writers, researchers, scientists and mathematicians.

The academic program includes the study of language arts, math, social studies, science, art, religion, music, foreign language, physical education, human development and shop. Lessons are varied to include whole group, small group and individual instruction. The work is hands-on and meaningful, emphasizing critical thinking, self-evaluation, and problem solving. Third grade children perform twice a year on stage, during the Holiday Program and their class play.

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