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Wallops Island Trip

Fifth Grade

Fifth grade children are the oldest students and leaders of the Middle School. Emphasis is placed on developing independence and caring leadership. Students are responsible for various school-wide jobs unique to this grade. These jobs range from care for the United States flag to recycling collection and assisting teachers in cleaning their classrooms. Fifth graders are trained in peer mediation, a method of conflict resolution they engage in with third and fourth grade students. Fifth grade children serve as “Big Friends” to children in a local feeder school by exchanging letters and having organized play dates. Academically, fifth grade builds upon integration and abstraction of subject matter begun in fourth grade. Reading, research, writing, technology, presentation, math and art skills are frequently developed across and within content areas. The History Fair is one example of this approach that is signature to the curriculum. Fifth grade is the first year that students take an overnight school trip. This experience fosters self-reliance and class unity at the Pocono Environmental Education Center.

The academic program includes the study of language arts, math, social studies, science, art, music, foreign language, physical education, human development, health, religion and shop. Lessons are varied to include whole group, small group and individual instruction. The work is hands-on and meaningful, emphasizing critical thinking, self-evaluation, and problem solving. Fifth grade children perform twice a year in front of an audience, during the Holiday Program and their History Fair.

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