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Sixth Grade

Sixth grade is the entry point to the Upper School. As such, it is a year of academic and social transition. Students enjoy having a variety of teachers for core academic subjects and serve as “Big Friends” to children in Lower School. They participate socially in JEM excursions, the Ski Trip, and a multi-day trip to Washington, DC. Students are encouraged to serve on school-wide committees and are required to participate on an athletic team. Sixth grade students demonstrate more responsibility and become actively engaged in their own education, an expectation that continues through the Upper School grades. Sixth grade is the first year for students to participate in the laptop program, which allows them to have digital access for classwork and homework, both in school and at home. Academically, the math program in sixth grade allows for two pathways: accelerated and regular. The accelerated program provides challenge and enrichment for those interested in entering advanced math in high school. Additionally, students are offered two language choices for study throughout Upper School: French and Spanish.

The academic program includes the study of language arts, math, social studies, science, art, music, foreign language, physical education, human development, health, religion and shop. Lessons are varied to include whole group, small group and individual instruction. The work is hands-on and meaningful, emphasizing critical thinking, self-evaluation, and problem solving. Sixth grade children perform twice a year in front of an audience, during the 6th grade created full-length feature film and the Holiday Program.

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