A coed Quaker school for grades K through 8

Seventh Grade

Seventh grade is a year of asserting independence, demonstrating maturity and embracing responsibility for learning. Students enjoy having a variety of teachers for core academic subjects and serve as “Big Friends” to children in Lower School. They continue to serve on school-wide committees and are offered elective courses as part of the academic program. All seventh graders are expected to participate in athletics. Several signature programs enrich the academic program in seventh grade. The year begins with an overnight camping trip that builds community and creates fun and provides a common experience for new students entering the class. The year ends with a weeklong trip to Wallops Island Marine Science Consortium in Virginia, where students participate in the coastal ecology program. Service to others is a theme that is woven into the curriculum throughout the year. Seventh graders serve as tour guides for the school’s official Open Houses and complete a self-directed service project. By the end of seventh grade, students have honed academic skills, accepted responsibility for work, grown as members of the community, served others and positioned themselves to adopt the leadership role that awaits them as eighth graders.

The academic program includes the study of language arts, math, social studies, science, art, music, foreign language, physical education, human development, health, religion and shop. Lessons are varied to include whole group, small group and individual instruction. The work is hands-on and meaningful, emphasizing critical thinking, self-evaluation, and problem solving. Seventh grade children perform twice a year in front of an audience, during the Holiday Program and their class play.

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