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Through the study of mathematical concepts, children are encouraged to explore, recognize, and demonstrate understanding of relationships that occur in the physical world. The use of manipulatives, texts and resources, along with various forms of technology such as Activ Boards, graphing calculators, iPads, Chromebooks and data collection devices, help guide students from early concrete explorations to abstract mathematical thinking. Children develop an appreciation for the value and use of mathematics as well as the problem solving skills of reasoning, estimating, and communicating. Real world application of content and skills are achieved through a spiraled approach. This invites confidence and proficiency not only in arithmetic, but also in patterning, functions, geometry, measurement, probability, statistics, data analysis and logic.

Differentiated instruction is achieved through a variety of resources. In grades K-5 a math specialist works with all students in small groups to extend learning and reinforce concepts. Students meet several times a week in conjunction with daily mathematics instruction. The ALEKS online math program is used to allow students to work independently to strengthen skills in need of further development, as well as explore new content. In 6th through 8th grades, an accelerated program is offered in addition to the standard math program. The accelerated program leads to Algebra 1 in seventh grade and Advanced Algebra in 8th grade.

A Scope and Sequence has been developed with the collaboration of Buckingham Friends School Faculty through a timely and extensive curricular review process. It is a compilation of The Common Core State Standards and Buckingham Friends School faculty curriculum maps. The document serves to outline benchmark skills taught at each grade level in each content area. Students within each grade meet benchmarks in varying degrees and times depending on their developmental readiness. The Scopes and Sequences for each grade are accessed by clicking on the links within each grade.

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