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After School Sports Programs

Sports Programs

BFS is education with a great balance of academics and play.

The after-school sports program offers opportunities for students to practice important life skills - teamwork, cooperation, leadership and commitment. Coaches foster a healthy competitive attitude, engaging all students, where wins are a shared celebration and losses are opportunities for learning

Sports currently offered at Buckingham Friends School include:


  • Soccer (Co-ed)  
  • Cross Country (Co-ed)                                                                                                                                   


  • Basketball (Boys and Girls Teams)


  • Softball (Co-ed)
  • Lacrosse (Girls)                                                   

Each Upper School student is encouraged to participate in at least one after-school sport each year. The athletic schedule creates opportunities for student athletes to compete with other local independent schools.

Drop Off & Parking For Visiting Teams:

Attached below is a map of the campus. Soccer and Softball are played at the lower fields past the Meetinghouse. Please note there is no parking down at the lower fields. Basketball is held in the gym and Lacrosse is played at Grandparents Field.
For buses, please enter from Route 263 and follow the buses only route to drop off students.  After drop off, please park down at the bottom of the hill where you first entered or in the lot near the Jane Jackson House.
For visiting parents, please use the parking lots off of the Route 263 entrance.  If these 2 lots are filled, please park down past the Jane Jackson House. 
Please be mindful not to park in a drop-off area, on the grass or rocks lining the main entrance, or the driveway near the Buckingham Meeting House. 

For more information, contact Tonia Maschi, Director of Athletics at tmaschi@bfs.org


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