A coed Quaker school for grades K through 8
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Beyond the Classroom

Teamwork and Group Effort

We place a strong emphasis on teamwork and group effort within the community of the class. With one section in each grade, many students develop deep and lasting relationships with one another. When social dynamics become challenging, they are faced, not avoided, and thoughtful adults help students work through conflicts in peaceful and constructive ways. BFS is most successful with students who can learn to work well with others, adapt to rules that benefit the group as a whole, and place their own needs within the context of larger community goals.

Experiential Learning

Opportunities for experiential learning are an important part of our academic mission to “inspire a lifelong love of learning”. Whether using our campus ropes course, harvesting worms through composting, or planting trees to regenerate our forest, all students actively engage in meaningful experiences that encourage:

  • problem solving
  • decision making
  • analysis
  • conceptualization
  • self-reflection


Students also interact frequently across grade levels through weekly assemblies, Meeting for Worship, before and after school, at recess, and during the many schoolwide events throughout the year. Each Upper School student is paired with a lower school student, while Middle School students enjoy a “buddy” program with local preschoolers. Through these activities, our youngest students grow to be comfortable with our oldest students, and our older students serve as mentors and develop their senses of responsibility, empathy, and caring. These inter-age experiences provide some of our most poignant moments at school and create many lasting memories.

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