A coed Quaker school for grades K through 8

Lower School (Grades K, 1 and 2)

The Lower School is located in its own building, surrounded by a wooded playground that also serves as an outdoor classroom. Supervised recesses throughout the day afford children the time to obtain language and social skills necessary to form friendships. Children are taught strategies to resolve conflicts that may occur. Social, emotional, physical and spiritual growth is considered as important as academic achievement. Children have class time to experience silent reflection. All Lower School children attend the school-wide Meeting for Worship each week.

Lower School provides a nurturing atmosphere where children can be individuals within the group. They feel good about themselves and others. “Big Friends” in the Upper School support and encourage them. Creative expression is encouraged throughout the program and is showcased in the on-stage performances that occur twice during the year. Cooking projects and activity time help children explore their interests and develop new skills.

Children in the Lower School work in classes where they can be flexibly grouped to receive whole group, small group or individual instruction. Along with the availability of a reading specialist, homeroom teachers address different learning styles and offer each child the opportunity to progress at his or her own rate. 

The academic program includes the study of language arts, math, science, social studies, music, art, physical education, French and library. First and second grades also have shop class. Often the approach is interdisciplinary, combining activity goals and hands-on problem-solving. Frequent field trips, connected to our studies, enrich the program. 

Throughout the Lower School, children learn about Rights and Responsibilities as members of the BFS community. They learn to be kind to each other in words and actions, to be safe physically and emotionally, and to be respectful so that all can learn. Oh yes, and have fun!

Kindergarten at Buckingham Friends School

At Buckingham Friends School we prepare Kindergarten children for the challenges ahead, within the secure and nurturing environment of our 225-year-old school in the Quaker tradition.

We begin by helping students develop an awareness of the local and global communities to which they belong, then guiding them to recognize their place and responsibilities within those communities.

Next, we turn our attention to the development of a well-rounded child, with experiences that encompass academic, social, physical, and creative exploration. Our academic objectives include teaching Reading and Writing, Math, Science, Social Studies, Library skills, and Language (French).  Music, Art, Physical Education, and Wellness instruction are integral components of our comprehensive curriculum. For a full breakdown of the entire Kingergarten curriculum please visit our Kindergarten page.

First Grade at Buckingham Friends School

Children are given small group instruction for language arts and math, and often work one-to-one to develop skills. The First Grade academic program includes the study of language arts, math, social studies, science, art, music, foreign language, physical education and shop. Subjects are integrated throughout the program with an emphasis on hands-on problem solving and critical thinking skills. For more information on our First Grade curriculum please visit our First Grade page.

Second Grade at Buckingham Friends School

In the Second grade there is a healthy balance between academic work and enthusiastic play, which is encouraged in an effort to educate the whole child. This is a time for the child to enjoy the privileges and responsibilities that come with being the “leaders” of the Lower School. The children take on these leadership roles while remaining under the gentle guidance of “Big Friends” in eighth grade. The love of learning takes hold in the second grade where children are inquisitive, motivated and begin to take initiative for their own learning. For more information on our Second Grade curriculum please visit our Second Grade page.

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