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Welcome to Buckingham Friends


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Welcome to Buckingham Friends School where we inspire children to appreciate the forest through an understanding of the trees. 

     What? You thought this was a school! Why are we talking about trees? 

    Because at BFS students learn that through an appreciation of their relationship with, and place within the larger community they can come to an understanding of themselves and their rights and responsibilities within the community.  They learn that the contribution of each individual to the success of the group is as essential in life as it is in project-based learning, where combined effort, shared ideas, and problem solving lead to discovery and results that surpass what one individual could have accomplished alone.

     At BFS, we value our community as a main source of strength at the school. We hold dear the traditions of the past to inform us as we boldly embrace the future and fulfill our mission to educate and prepare young people to successfully engage with their world. 

     Buckingham Friends School has two mottos that convey our objective:

Let Your Life Speak

            With dedication to the concept that actions are a reflection of one’s beliefs, we encourage our students to hold true to their passions and demonstrate that commitment through their actions. 


Inspiring a lifelong love of learning, nurturing a respect for the Light in every person, and fostering a sense of spiritual community

            Positive, enriching, and inspiring daily experiences at BFS create a love of learning among our students. They also come to appreciate the qualities that make each of us unique and worthy of respect, though we may be different. This contributes to the diversity of our community and the emergence of a unity of spirit, as students take comfort in knowing they can be themselves.

 These defining characteristics, combined with

  • a talented and dedicated faculty
  • a vigorous, challenging curriculum
  • a balance of tradition with technology and innovation
  • an emphasis on exploration and discovery in learning
  • unifying principles of global stewardship and sustainability
  • international travel for Grades 6, 7 and 8
  • and, wellness, language, and the arts as integral components of our curriculum

     BFS has so much to offer. Won’t you join one of our Open House events or come for a Tuesday Tour, and DISCOVER Buckingham Friends School. We’ve only been here for 220 years! You’ll be glad you found us.




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