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children find space to explore and grow - through a curriculum that is flexible and responsive to their interests; across an expansive campus that encourages play and risk-taking; and within our value-added programming that adds breadth and depth to their individual learning experiences. To learn more about this K-8 independent school that celebrates the spirit of youth and stewards the promise of each individual to build an engaged learning community, inquire now.
Faculty Spotlight: Jaime Katz

Faculty Spotlight: Jaime Katz

Tell us about your educational philosophy and why you love teaching Kindergarten: Kindergarten has such a special place in my heart because it’s a time of endless possibilities – it’s where the lifelong journey of curiosity, creativity, self-discovery, and learning comes to life! At this age, learning should always be so much fun that you don’t even realize you just completed the last unit of the math curriculum.

A Day in the Life of a Kindergartener at BFS

8:00AM - 8:15AM - Morning recess: I get to play outside during drop-off!
8:15AM - Morning work: Today we did a pumpkin life cycle book where we colored, cut, assembled, and then read the books with our friends.
8:40AM - Circle time and jobs: We went over the calendar, weather, and counting attendance. Today my job was being the yoga breath leader!
9:00AM - Math Work: Today we did pattern snakes! We used color shapes to make our own patterned snakes. Ssssssssss!!
9:45AM - Literacy: We have been studying the lowercase letters in Fundations. Today we learned about the letter "m" and all the fun sounds it makes. We practiced writing it and then drew things that start with the letter "m."
10:00AM - 10:25AM - RECESS!!! Today I pretended I was a baby bat with my friends and then we gave each other rollercoaster rides in the red wagons!
10:25AM - 10:40AM - Snack time. Yumm!

10:40AM - 11:15AM - Social Studies: Teacher Jaime continued our Identity Unit with House Glyphs. Teacher Jaime read The Family Book by Todd Parr and we talked about who lives in our home, what makes a family, and how different families can look. Then we made our own houses and listed who lived there. Afterward, we all had to guess whose house it was based on what we know about our friends.

11:15AM - 12:00PM - Art Class: my favorite! Ms. Kris had us finish up our clay pinch pots. I got to pick out my favorite color for the glaze!

12:00PM - 12:30PM - RECESS!!! We played in one of the big bushes on the playground. Its lower branches are just perfect for sitting on and the leaves make us feel like we are in our own clubhouse.

12:30PM - 12:50PM - Lunch: After all that running around, I'm hungry!

12:55PM - 1:25PM - Music Class: Mr. Cox had us practice our Halloween songs for our Lower School Halloween Performance this week. Afterward, we listen to music from India and danced with scarves!

1:30PM - 2:00PM - French Class: Madame Reiss taught us how to say all the colors and then we sang songs in French.

2:00PM - 2:15PM - Reading: Teacher Stephanie read us the Piggie and Gerald book, "Piggie Has a New Friend." We talked about how we can have more than one best friend and how we are ALL friends.

2:15PM - 2:30PM - We had Quiet Time and got to finish up our work from earlier.

2:30PM - 2:50PM - When I was done, I had Choice Time. I love to play in the toy supermarket or with the dinosaurs.

2:50PM - 3:00PM - Closing circle time with Teachers Jaime and Stephanie. We say goodbye to our friends.

3:00PM - Dismissal: We divide up by bus, pick-up, and After School. Today my parents picked me up and we played in the little wood cabin!

I love Kindergarten!

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Sixth grade Lasagna at the Disco Dinner

Sixth grade Lasagna at the Disco Dinner!!

Thank you to everyone who supported this year's Lasagna at the Disco Dinner hosted by the Class of 2026! From the delicious food to the festive decorations, the evening was a great success, and the smiles were abundant, with over 200 community members in attendance!
8th grade at Heifer International

The eighth grade signature class trip to Heifer International

The 8th-grade trip to the Heifer International Global Village earlier this month was an experience to remember for all. The Global Village program "aims to educate participants of the causes and effects of hunger and poverty, and to enable them to make a difference in the lives of those in their own communities and around the world" - and it did just that!

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Date: Thursday, 12/7
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Date: Friday, 12/8
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  • 44 acres of beautifully
    wooded campus
  • 7:1 Student-to-Faculty Ratio
  • 79,374 Handshakes in a Year
  • 8 service projects per year
  • $6.9 Million Endowment
  • 61% of Faculty with
    Advanced Degrees
  • 37 Faculty Members
    & Staff
  • 5 Interscholastic
    Sports Programs
  • 20 Clubs Offered
    Throughout the Year
  • 35 secs to go down the
    sledding hill run
  • 170 Total
  • 100% of students participate in
    the Annual Art Show
  • 37% of Students Receive
    Financial Aid
  • 20 Stage
    Each Year
  • 100% of students studying a world language
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