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A Letter from the Head of School Regarding Recent World Events

Dear Buckingham Friends School Community Members,
As an educational community established upon the foundation of the Religious Society of Friends, Buckingham Friends School believes that all people are equal and that all voices deserve to be heard, valued, and incorporated. We believe that a variety of experiences, perspectives, and identities are integral to the strength and continuous shaping of our interconnected community and the larger world.
Buckingham Friends School stands in unity with black people and people of color in the fight against institutional, systemic racism, and white supremacy, as we seek to participate in the advancement and realization of equity and justice for all. We join with and support everyone who steps up to voice their frustrations and anger at past and current injustices against black people and people of color. We join with and support those who step up to speak for others whose voices have been and are being oppressed.
We know that we have more work to do as a school community. We recognize our responsibility to work every day to make Buckingham Friends School a better, more forward-thinking institution. This includes an unwavering commitment to live our mission as a Friends school as founded upon Quaker testimonies; to stand upon and for our values; to strive to achieve our ideals in the areas of diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging; and to walk the talk throughout our school community and in the world. This includes the recruitment and development of staff, and the fostering of a sense of belonging for everyone. It includes the intentional review of the programs, curricula, and materials that we provide and the context within teaching and learning that delivers them to our students.
Buckingham Friends School will remain intentional in its commitment to honoring and teaching about diversity in all aspects of educational programming and community life. We will seek to embrace and empower commonly marginalized and under-represented groups, believing that our world benefits when a broader range of voices is included and lifted up. We believe this active engagement is the key that opens the door to a peaceful, yet powerful future in which our students will “Let Their Lives Speak.”
Paul Lindenmaier
Head of School 
Buckingham Friends School