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A Guide to Understanding Quaker Education

During these challenging times, it has been incredibly reassuring to feel the strength of our community, to focus on our mission, and to experience our core principles as guideposts during our daily life. For a Friends school, the testimonies of Simplicity, Peace, Integrity, Community, Equality, and Stewardship (S.P.I.C.E.S.) have provided solid footing and clarity in an uncertain, rapidly shifting world. 


Our Guide to Understanding Quaker Education introduces those testimonies and the role they play in our purpose as a Friends school and in the life of our community. A review of the testimonies can remind us that even in the darkest days, we can find Light within ourselves, and within each other. 


We enter 2022 with optimism for a brighter year ahead. As the days get longer and the light slowly returns, we are pleased to share this guide with you to reiterate our mission and reaffirm our values as a community and as a Friends school. We hope you will review and reflect on its contents. As always, the truths and answers are ever-revealing — we are happy to engage with you and to answer any questions that may arise.  


Wishing everyone a hopeful, happy, and peaceful new year.