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Buckingham Friends School Celebrates the Class of 2022

The sun was shining, the stage was set, and the feeling of excitement pulsated through the sylvan campus on Thursday, June 9, 2022, as the Buckingham Friends School community gathered on the Upper Field to conclude the 227th school year and celebrate the Class of 2022!


Both graduates and their fellow Upper School classmates performed musical numbers throughout the event, which showcased their many talents and added to the beauty and spirit of the evening. Eighth grade advisor and science teacher Stephanie Thliveris, chosen by the graduates themselves to speak, delivered a moving keynote address on matter and how the elements of the Class of 2022 have and will continue to impact our school, local, and global communities. And, in keeping with the school’s mission to “honor the Light within each person,” all nineteen of the Eighth Graders were individually recognized by a member of the faculty before receiving their diploma from Head of School Paul Lindenmaier and Associate Head of School Rossana Zapf.


Especially meaningful and poignant were the individual and heartfelt reflections shared by the graduates themselves about their time at BFS. As one student said, “BFS has been my second home since Kindergarten. I’ve grown up here, and I am so grateful for the enriching childhood experiences BFS has gifted me: Friday sings and Little Friend-Big Friend activities to Upper School days and iMovies, every moment has been one of a kind. I began at BFS as a blank canvas and now I can say with confidence that I am the person I am today because of this school. I am forever grateful for my time here.”


Everyone at Buckingham Friends School wishes the Class of 2022 much success and happiness as they continue their educational paths next year at the following independent and public schools: Blair Academy, George School, Gould Academy, LaSalle College High School, New Hope-Solebury High School, Oxbridge Academy, and Solebury School.


Pictured, Top Row: Jack Eckfield, Quinn White, Jacob Thomas. 2nd Row: Paul Lindenmaier – Head of School, Christina Makris, Mirabel Roxey, Iona Macdonald, Elena Howes. 3rd Row: Jax Zander, Ethan Bell, Juliet Baum, Charlotte McMackin, Henry Liddell. Front Row: Stephanie Thliveris - 8th Grade Co-Advisor, Abrahim Zafar, Colby Rieszer, Abby Kaufman, Fiona Simek, Samuel Rapaport, Emilia Markhoff, Daisy Rodriguez Kelly - 8th Grade Co-Advisor.


Celebrating the Class of 2022