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Kindergarten Gets the Vote Out

In honor of Election Day, Kindergarten learned about elections and the power of voting! After learning about the voting system and why adults vote, Teachers Jaime and Stephanie had the students experience voting first-hand. After filling out their voter registration forms with information such as their name, age, and where they live, the students were issued their own voter registration cards. The students then used their voter registration cards to go in one at a time and vote on a very important Kindergarten issue – which new item should be opened at Choice Time: Lincoln Logs or the Painting Easel?
Each student only had one vote and understood the importance of making their voice heard! Students even received the all-important “I voted" sticker! The ballots will be tallied late tonight, and the winner of the election will be announced tomorrow at Circle Time. 
Kindergarten Gets the Vote Out Kindergarten Gets the Vote Out