Kindergarten room

The eighth grade signature class trip to Heifer International

Stephanie Thliveris, Sustainability Workshop teacher and 8th grade co-advisor states, “Our student takeaways following the Heifer International Global Village experience were felt with sincerity and delivered through their unique perspectives. When asked about their personal experience, many students spoke to the power of solving problems together, the importance of necessities needed to live, and the importance of elevating gratitude in their lives."
“For me, this trip was about the whole class helping each other and making it through the simulation in the Global Village.” - Oliver
“We learned about how many people around the world live in need of clean water. I felt how difficult it was to walk and gather water if you live in a village that is far from the source.” - Sean
“I thought it was a great balance between a learning experience, a challenge, and a fun trip with my classmates. Something this experience taught me is to never take for granted our easy access to water, beds, bathrooms, and electricity." - Sarina
“I learned how different people’s lifestyles are when they don’t have resources that come easily [in their lives.”] and how hard people work to get them to provide for their families.” - Alexis