Riding in the wagon on the playground

Community Service & Student Leadership

Fall FrolicBFS students learn, by experience and example, to become responsible for their environment and the communities in which they live. From their very first days at BFS, students are called upon to be stewards of their school by caring for their fellow students and our campus, and by helping to carry on our many beloved traditions. For example, each Friday afternoon, the children in the Lower School work together to clean up their playground, recovering the sandbox, stacking the wood used for building, putting away outdoor toys, and picking up trash. Our Middle and Upper School students play meaningful roles in representing peers on school committees and in the local community through volunteerism at organizations such as Fisherman's Mark, A Women's Place, and the Bucks County SPCA. Every Upper School student also serves as a Big Friend to a student in the Lower School.

Outreach Committee


Students in all grades join their parents twice each year at the Fall and Spring Frolics which bring the whole community together to rake leaves, tend gardens, make minor repairs, and otherwise care for our School. 

As children learn more about their local communities they begin to participate in a variety of age-appropriate outreach and service programs. This community-based learning culminates in 7th grade when each student chooses, plans, and completes a yearlong independent community project. 

SPCA Volunteering