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Diversity at BFS


Approved by the Buckingham Friends School Staff and School Board
Painting of children playing on upper field.

As an educational community established upon the foundation of the Religious Society of Friends, Buckingham Friends School strives to be an inclusive and accepting school where all voices are heard, valued, and incorporated into our story.  We believe that a variety of experiences, perspectives, and identities are integral to the strength and continuous shaping of our interconnected community and our commitment to diversity, equity, justice, and belonging.

At Buckingham Friends School, we believe that diversity encompasses a range of identities including, and not limited to: abilities, age, ethnicity, family structure, gender, language, race, religion and spirituality, sexual orientation, and socio-economic status.  We recognize and respect that every community member identifies in different ways, and we believe that Buckingham Friends School is greatly enriched by this diversity.

Buckingham Friends School is intentional in its commitment to honor and teach about diversity, equity, and justice in all aspects of educational programming and community life. We seek to embrace and empower commonly marginalized and under-represented groups, recognizing that our community benefits when we include and uplift a broader range of voices.  We believe this active engagement is the key that opens the door to a peaceful, yet powerful future in which our students will Let Their Lives Speak.”