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Endowment Gifts

Endowment GiftsBuckingham Friends School gratefully accepts contributions of all sizes to our endowment funds.


BFS Endowment Funds provide long-lasting financial security and stability for the school. Contributions are permanently invested and the principal of these funds remain intact. Your gift will create a perpetual source of income and an enduring gift to Buckingham Friends School.


Our Investment Policy

Buckingham Friends School invests its endowment funds in a manner that it considers to be in keeping with Quaker values, in a portfolio that excludes companies that have a substantial involvement in the production or sale of alcohol, tobacco, nuclear power or gambling products or services, and would exclude companies with any involvement in the production or sale of military products or services.


The Finance Committee of Buckingham Friends School is responsible for monitoring the performance of each of the endowment fund investments and for making investment recommendations to the School Board.


The revenue generated from these investments is used throughout the school year, if and as needed.

Betty Haines was a beloved teacher at BFS from 1937 to 1966 who touched many young lives. To honor her teaching excellence, a BFS alumnus established this fund in her honor in 2004. Proceeds are used for financial aid scholarships.


This endowment provides necessary funds for advanced study, seminars, workshops and training for the ongoing professional development of BFS Faculty.


This fund provides financial assistance to qualified Quaker children based on financial need and is awarded at the school’s discretion.


The Wallace Family established this fund in 2001 in memory of Gordon and Allaire, mother and sister of the Wallace brothers, all BFS ‘60s graduates. The fund augments the school’s existing scholarship fund.


Established through a bequest from an anonymous donor, this fund provides emergency tuition aid for families encountering unexpected financial difficulties during the course of the year.


Established in 1998, the purpose of this fund is to provide financial aid to a Quaker student each year based upon merit. Financial need is considered on a secondary basis. Applicants are considered based upon recommendations from the Clerk of their Monthly Meeting and other Friends who know the student.


A scholarship is awarded each year to a student who applies for financial aid.


A scholarship is awarded each year to a student who applies for financial aid in memory of this alumnus.


Sarah was a BFS 3rd grader when she died of a heart condition that had gone undetected from birth. A scholarship fund was named in her honor to help make BFS affordable to a broad spectrum of students and to memorialize her brief life.

Established in 2019, this endowed fund provides financial aid assistance annually to enrolled BFS students whose families have demonstrated and verified need for tuition assistance and who are members ofthe Religious Society of Friends. Extra consideration is extended to families who are members of Buckingham Monthly Meeting.

Please contact Katelynn Connolly, Director of Advancement, at [email protected] to make a gift to an Endowment Fund.