Meeting for Worship

Buckingham Friends Meetinghouse“I consider Meeting for Worship to be the central experience at Friends schools. It is where each individual can learn to listen, reflect, and ultimately share their unique voice as a contributing community member and where a culture of respect, trust, and advocacy can be built.” - Paul Lindenmaier, Head of School

Once a week, our entire school community comes together to sit in silence in our 250-year-old Meetinghouse.  It’s a time to slow down from our very busy lives and to listen to our inner voice.  During Meeting for Worship, everyone has equal access to the truth, and when anyone feels moved, they may share a personal story, what they have been thinking about, or a question they have been wrestling with.  From the youngest kindergartner to our most senior community member, everyone is respected, valued, appreciated, and heard equally.  

BFS Meetinghouse