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Student Life

Lasagna Dinner

At Buckingham Friends School, students find space to grow— intellectually, socially and emotionally.  As a community, we seek to provide the broadest array of experiences – in and outside of the classroom –  to develop engaged, aware, compassionate learners and leaders.  


We believe that it is possible to maintain high standards—to expect great things from each student—and to cultivate a nurturing environment where each student feels personally valued. We also treasure the special joys of childhood and intentionally preserve a healthy balance of daily work and play, allowing children to be children while they learn and grow.   


BFS is a wonderful place to allow children to be individuals and learn in a loving environment. To have the confidence and values of how to treat others at such a young age will help these children survive the pressure in our hard world and guide them to be leaders for a better tomorrow.


As a community, we are deeply committed to long-standing cultural traditions such as class plays, Fall and Spring Frolics, Apple Valley Week, History Fair, Lasagna Dinner, The Ghost Walk, Track & Field Day, and JEM Trips. Many of these are seen as key rites of passage—eagerly anticipated as each child progresses from Kindergarten through to graduation.  They form collective memories and a sense of continuity that carries from one generation to the next from our oldest alumnus to our newest applicant.