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Kindergarten - We are all unique!

Throughout the year in Kindergarten, as an integral part of Social Studies, Teachers Jaime and Stephanie have focused on an in-depth multidisciplinary study of identity. Through this unit, the students have explored and discovered ways they are similar to and different from their classmates and, specifically, what makes them unique and special. The students explored topics such as hair and the importance it has within different cultures, eye color and the science of genes, gender stereotypes and how we can break away from them, and completed a project highlighting attributes that the students think are "the best" about themselves.

The BFS Annual Auction exceeded expectations! (in words and pictures)

Read Paul's latest blog: “IMAGINE…as we grow together” was a total success! I write to extend my sincere and heartfelt gratitude to the scores of current and former community members and friends of BFS that gathered on Friday night for a memorable evening of fun, friendship, food, and fundraising.

1st Grade Zoo

1st Graders had a fantastic send-off before Spring Break with the annual 1st Grade Zoo!

3rd Grade's Annual Sap Boiling

The 3rd Graders enjoyed a delicious day of educational fun at the Annual Sap Boiling, where they spent the afternoon enjoying the warm weather boiling the sap they collected from the maple trees in the Meetinghouse graveyard into a thick, rich syrup.

7th Grade Medieval Museum

The 7th Grade Social Studies Class held their Annual Medieval Museum this month as the culmination of their recent unit on Non-European Medieval Civilizations.

Our progress to date: realizing our promise – designing BFS’s new facilities

Paul's Blog: I feel overwhelming gratitude and enthusiastic anticipation as I write to provide the community with an update on our Facilities Master Plan and our progress during the design phase. In just a few months, we continue to hope to break ground to start the first phase of physical improvements to the campus that will ensure that BFS can advance its mission in a sustainable way through the rest of the 21st century and beyond.
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