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The best way to truly understand our community and what BFS can offer your child is to visit our school. Please call 215-794-7491 or email the Director of Admission and Financial Aid, Melissa Clayton, at [email protected] to schedule a tour of campus. Additionally, we invite you to register for one of our upcoming open houses. This is a wonderful opportunity to hear from and meet our students, staff, and administrators.
BFS offers a rolling admissions process. Applications for admission can be submitted at any time, and will be considered as space is available in the grade level of the applicant. You can learn more about the application process here.
BFS applicants are evaluated during their admission visit to the school. We also review academic transcripts and teacher recommendations. Outside testing is not required.
BFS offers a rolling admissions process. Applications for admission can be submitted at any time, and will be considered as space is available in the grade level of the applicant. You can learn more about the application process here.

School Life FAQs:

Classes begin each day at 8:15am (8am arrival) and end at 3pm (K-Grade 2) and 3:20pm (Grades 3-8).
BFS offers an Afterschool Program from 3pm - 5:45pm. There are snacks, organized activities, and quiet space for children to do homework.
Each term, Afterschool offers a variety of fun and popular after school clubs for students to enrich their learning experience. Children can explore new interests and develop new skills in Architecture Design, Coding, Chess, Clay, Engineering, Lego Robotics, Guitar, Piano, Acting, Gymnastics, Yoga, Zumba, Chinese Brush Drawing, Running, Russian, Cooking, Theater, and Knitting to name just a few. Clubs meet one day each week from 3:30pm to 4:30pm for six weeks. You can learn more about the program here.

Students are eligible for bus service free of cost from the following Pennsylvania school districts:

  • Central Bucks

  • New Hope-Solebury

  • Council Rock

  • Pennridge

  • Palisades

  • Centennial

Residents outside of these districts should check with their own school district about any possible transportation subsidy.

Tuition FAQ:

The below illustrations from 2014 (the last year from which national statistics are available) shows the approximate levels of minimum income at which a family would first be expected to begin contributing towards the cost of tuition. Also shown is the approximate maximum income, an amount above which a family may no longer qualify for financial aid. These illustrations are only guidelines. Actual numbers will vary based on your familys circumstances and funds available.

Number of Parents

Number of Children

Minimum Income

Maximum Income


































The above table is based on the following assumptions:

  • All parents work

  • One income is at $15,000

  • Parent(s) age is approximately 45

  • Net worth is approximately $75,000

  • Only one child attends private school

  • The cost of living adjustment for the Philadelphia area is 1.26%

Because our budget is limited, we strive to use our family support dollars where they are most needed. Continuing families are awarded prior to new families, in demonstration of our reciprocal commitment to families who are dedicated to a BFS education. Families who apply after the March 15 deadline may receive a smaller award than families who applied on time, as our pool of funds diminishes after each round of awards. 

If my familys income is below the maximum income shown in the table, does that mean we qualify for Family Financial Support?

Every family is looked at individually. There are many differences from one family to the next. Variables include the number of children in the household, the number of children attending private school, whether there are two working parents, the familys net worth, debts, unusual expenses, and other factors. The table shown above is presented only as a general guideline.

Family Financial Support awards are reviewed annually. Each family receiving aid must file a new application on SSS each year and upload a copy of their Federal Tax return, all tax schedules, and W-2’s. When BFS grants financial support to a family, it makes a commitment to that family to provide aid for as long as their child is attending BFS, though the amount of the award may vary slightly depending upon changes in a family’s financial circumstances. 

BFS determines tuition for each student based on what SSS, our current third-party financial assessment provider, calculates as a family's ability to pay. This number is based on a family's "Estimated Parental Contribution" that takes into account many variables including but not limited to income, assets, debt, household size, and tuition commitments for all children.

There are no extra work or other requirements for financial support recipients. Every BFS student is expected to do his or her best to maintain the strong academic and personal qualities evidenced upon admission and promoted through their BFS education.  The school does appreciate the many dedicated parents who volunteer at the school in a variety of ways from gardening, chaperoning and serving warm lunches to serving on committees and donating to the Annual Fund.

Only the few select members of the Financial Support Committee have access to the information you provide, and all information is held in the strictest confidence.
While awards vary widely due to family circumstances, number of children attending the school, etc., below is the range of awards from the prior school year:

Family Income


$0 – 50,000

$10,000 – 15,000

$51,000 – 100,000

$4,000 – 14,000

$101,000 – 150,000

$2,000 – 12,000

$151,000 – 200,000

$2,500 – 10,000


$2,000 – 3,500