Lower School (K-2)


LS Field Trip


Our Lower School students learn and play in a caring, joyful community where they are encouraged to be themselves while building language and social skills essential for enjoyable and productive collaboration. The Lower School academic program includes the study of language arts, math, science, social studies, music, art, physical education, French, and library. First and second grades also have shop class.


As is the case across all of our grades, there is a strong focus on interdisciplinary learning, combining activity goals, and hands-on problem-solving. Frequent field trips, connected to our studies, enrich the program. Creative expression and public speaking are encouraged and showcased in a variety of ways throughout the year.


For all of our students, we consider social, emotional, physical, and spiritual growth to be as important as academic achievement. We make time for silent reflection throughout the day, and all Lower School students participate in the school-wide Meeting for Worship each week.


Located in its own building on our spacious campus, the Lower School is surrounded by a wooded playground that also serves as an outdoor classroom. The indoor and outdoor spaces are intentionally flexible to facilitate whole group, small group, or individual instruction.


KindergartenFull Day Kindergarten


Designed for children who are ready for the experience of a full-day curriculum, our loving and structured kindergarten environment encourages children to learn through playing and experiencing their world. They begin to build skills that will allow them to maintain a balanced approach to life as they grow, to view mistakes as learning experiences, and to address challenges with creativity and confidence. Enrollment is capped at 18 students to ensure that our teachers have the time and space to get to know the interests and inherent promise of each child. Kindergarten’s home base is a large, bright, and welcoming classroom in our Lower School Building, surrounded by an expansive wooded playground and outdoor classroom area.


Big Friend Little Friend

Building Lower School Community


As a Friends school, we believe that each individual contributes in unique and important ways to our community. Community involvement is an essential part of BFS life, and we expect that even our youngest members can appreciate their own value within the larger context of a community, and understand the importance of their individual role. Lower School students engage with children in other classes—singing together, playing together, and participating in our beloved “Big Friend/Little Friend” program. As a result, they develop deep and lasting relationships, learn the essential skills of collaboration, teamwork, peaceful and constructive conflict resolution, and begin to understand the benefit of rules that support the good of the group as a whole.


In addition, we offer ample volunteer opportunities for parents and families… enduring friendships are often formed among parents as well as classmates!


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