Soccer Team

Upper School (6-8)

US Science


The Upper School program equips our students to navigate successful transitions from elementary to high school. The curriculum becomes increasingly challenging; students continue to build their organizational and study skills; and technology plays an expanded role as a learning tool. Frequent small group work and oral presentations help students develop confidence, communication skills, and an appreciation for collaborative learning. In addition, Upper School students play meaningful roles in representing peers on school committees and BFS in the local community. Every Upper School student also serves as a Big Friend to a student in the Lower School.



Upper School students are required to take courses in English/language arts, math, science, social studies, French or Spanish, art, music, health, shop, and physical education. Additionally, Upper School students participate in class plays each year, ranging from an iMovie to full-staged musicals. Our interscholastic teams compete in soccer, basketball, softball, and lacrosse.


Heifer International


A variety of off-campus day trips provide an important complement to classroom learning. In addition, each grade embarks upon a multi-day, curriculum-related trip:


  • Sixth grade travels to Washington, DC for four days

  • Seventh graders spend four days in Virginia at the Chincoteague Bay Field Station (formerly known as the Wallops Island Marine Science Center)

  • Eighth graders spend four days at Heifer Farm in Sharpsburg, MD


International travel and hosting opportunities are offered with sister schools in Russia, Australia, India, Kenya, Ecuador, Hawaii, and China through our Joint Environmental Mission (JEM) program.